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Japan Studies Association of Canada / Association canadienne d'études sur le Japon


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The purpose of the Japan Studies Association of Canada (JSAC) is to promote Japan Studies in Canada and to contribute towards increase in knowledge about Japan and Canada-Japan relations by:
  • Encouraging Canadian scholars and other interested persons to conduct research on Japan in all academic fields;
  • Sponsoring conferences and publishing proceedings of the conferences and other papers;
  • Encouraging Japanese scholars and any person interested in Japan studies to share their knowledge with the members of the Association.
Message from the JSAC President: text
James H. Tiessen  
Dr. James (Jim) H. Tiessen
Associate Professor - Global Management Studies
Program Director - Master of Health Administration (Community Care)
Ted Rogers School of Management
Toronto Metropolitan University

Mail: 350 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON Canada M5B 2K3
t: 416.979.5000 x 2545

Welcome to: JSAC/ACEJ 2024 Annual Conference

Hosted by: Professor Sachiyo Kanzaki
October 24-October 27, 2024
Theme: A laboratory for a future Japan

Appel à Communications 2024 (French) updated
Call for papers updated


See you in Montreal!

Newsletter: Fillable information template

Honours & Awards: (full list in Honours & Awards)  link

Professor Jacob Kovalio received
the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette from the Government of Japan.

Norio Ota received the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold and Silver Rays from the Government of Japan, November 3, 2021.  link1  link2

Pringsheim Award for students: Congratulations!

JSAC2020 Ad Hoc online conference:
    1st place   Maxime Bouthillier, York University
    2nd place  Tyler Correira, York University
    3rd place   Chris Satoor, York University
JSAC2021 annual online conference:
    Ph. D. category
Maxime Bouthillier, York University

    M.A. category:
Erika Schestak, York University    

The Fumiko Ikawa-Smith Award for life-time service to JSAC: Congratulations!
    Dr. David Edgington, University of British Columbia
          Norio Ota, York University

JSAC Publication:
  • JSAC2012-13 Proceedings publication: Link
  • JSAC2014 Proceedings: Link
  • JSAC2015 Japan and Canada in Comparative Perspective: Economics: Link
  • JSAC/JACS/JCERN2015 Culture, Identity and Citizenship in Japan and Canada: Link
  • JSAC2016 Globalizing Japan: Issues in Language, Linguistics and Japanese Society: Link
  • JSAC2017 Future Uncertain: Economic, Environmental, Social and Political Challenges Facing Japan: Link
  • JSAC2018 Japan's World / The World's Japan: Images, Perceptions and Reactions: Proceedings: Link
  • JSAC2020 Post COVID-19 in Japan: Proceedings: Link

Membership activities: (you can find previous items in the Archive)
  • X.Jie Yang: Comprehensive Digitization and Discoverability Program: CDDP Video Series: Link
  • X.Jie Yang: Digital Hint and Trick: Link
  • X.Jie Yang: Emaki-Zanmai: Link
  • Bill Sewell: 'Japanese Public Health Concerns in Treaty-Port Manchuria':  Link               

Events & Opportunities:

2023 Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Applications (Research Scholarship and Undergraduate Scholarship) are Now Open!  Link

Tanaka Fund for graduate students  - Link

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