First Call for Papers

2022 Japan Studies Association of Canada Annual Conference


 The Ted Rogers School of Management and Toronto Metropolitan University[1] are pleased to host the Japan Studies of Canada (JSAC) Annual Conference, from Friday October 21 to Sunday October 23, 2022.

 Toronto Metropolitan University was established as Ryerson Institute of Technology in 1948 to develop skilled tradespeople following World War II. The institute offered training in skilled trades such as architecture, costume design and photography. Following growth in the 1950’s and early 1960s, “Polytechnic” was added to its name in 1963. Ryerson Polytechnic Institute gained degree-granting authority in 1971, and formally became a University in 1993. The University introduced its law school in 2020 and in 2025 will open a medical school in Brampton (Ontario).  


 The conference theme, “Translation”, will animate the three days that the Japan scholars, teachers and students will spend together in person.  Susan Sontag, in her 2002 lecture The World as India said:  “To translate means many things, among them: to circulate, to transport, to disseminate, to explain, to make (more) accessible.”  This is what JSAC and its members do, through their research, teaching and conferences in all of our scholarly fields.

We are delighted to announce that the scheduled keynote speakers so far are Eleanor Westney (management, see a recent publication), Naoki Sakai (translation studies), and Ted Goossen (translator).  The translation theme is relevant to many other realms, including design, food, religion, social policy, international relations, pop culture and geography. 

Beyond this theme, we of course welcome contributions on any topic you and/or groups of colleagues are exploring.  This is what gives the conference its vibrancy!


We are welcoming papers, proposed panels and/or workshops.  In all cases please send the title, abstract (max 250 words), and names of participants to by June 30.  Please use Microsoft Word© and include the words JSAC Panel or JSAC Paper in the subject line.   

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss your ideas and/or make suggestions for the conference. 

Book swap

If there is sufficient interest we will host a Japan studies book swap.  Bring Japan-related books you no longer have room for but are reluctant to throw out.  The procedures for coordinating this will be communicated later.  We don’t want those flying to Toronto to bear extra overweight baggage fees.

 Please circulate this call to folks in your networks.  After 2 years we are looking forward to seeing you and many others  in Toronto! 


[1] Ryerson University was renamed Toronto Metropolitan University in April 2022.